5 Amazing Beauty Products for Moms

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Last year my Facebook feed was blowing up with friends and family who had signed up for the Ipsy Glam Bag.  I had no idea what this “magic” bag was, I knew it had makeup in it and that’s about it. I finally asked a friend what all the hype was about. She explained, it’s a subscription for $10 a month and you get five trial and sometimes full sized beauty products. I wasn’t sold at first. I was barely getting ready for the day as it was let alone getting “glammed” up. (I am not affiliated with Ipsy, I just love the Glam Bag Program)

I am low maintenance, always have been. Even in during my peak teenage years, I would go to morning swim practice, throw my hair in a ponytail, put on some mascara and go to school. Then repeat.  Eye liner was used on occasion and about the only time I ever did full faced makeup was if there was a dance involved. Fast forward to my mid-twenties and I finally sort of started to care about makeup and skin care. But I am super sensitive to certain products and I was getting tired of spending a bunch of money on stuff that I ended up hating. I talked to the hubby and he told me to try it.  (The links to Ipsy within this post are referral links. If you sign up we both get 250 points that can be used towards products.)

I have chosen 5 of my favorite beauty products for low maintenance moms (or put together moms too!) from a year with Ipsy.  I rate all of these five stars, they are all amazing in their own ways. I have had twelve glam bags and these are for sure the products I literally cannot live without. *The products all have affiliate links.

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer (Mood Light)

I am not a fan of traditional foundation. My skin breaks out and I feel like I am wearing a mask. I transitioned to the powders a few years ago but I hated how they didn’t stay on for long. I have tried several types of makeup primer in the last few years. I have tested everything from super expensive to cheap and easy. I had no luck. I was to a point where I was done wasting my money.   Around August, I had accrued a thousand Ipsy points and wanted to use them on something. Cue Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer, and I found this stuff  to be amazing.

I have no idea (or time) for contorting tricks or even really good dark circle cover-up. Ya, know those mom circles? J  But when I started to use this with my powder foundation it corrected dark circles and uneven skin tone. I was so excited. I am about to order my second tube, all other primers I have ended up throwing away or giving to a friend. Put on a clean face, add your favorite foundation and you are good to go!  The primer comes in three shades; dim light, luminous light, and mood light.

Amazon Product Description

A first of its kind collection of light correcting primers that blur, smooth and perfect the appearance of the complexion for a soft, subtle glow. With a texture and feel unlike any other primer, these oil-free, weightless formulas contain light correcting pigments that neutralize, brighten or soften light as the first step in creating your perfect light.


theBalm Cosmetics
Mad Lash® Mascara

       Out of all the makeup products to choose from my go to choice is always mascara. Even without other makeup on I can feel semi put together just by putting on some mascara. I have decently long eye lashes so I have always been a fan. Water proof formulas are usually my favorite because I touch my eyes a lot; I also work in front of computers so sometimes my eyes water. I have had two other trial sized mascaras come through my glam bags but when this brand and formula arrived I was hooked. I am a fan of theBalm products any way. They are eco-friendly, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

This mascara curls my lashes and makes them extra-long. There is a tiny wait time for the mascara to dry but that’s a small price to pay for great lashes. For a quick look this is the perfect beauty must have. On those mornings when I am rushing out the door with a purse, diaper bag and two year old, I know I can still make my eyes pop.

Ipsy product description

  • Curved brush gives uber volume and lift.
  • The tip of the wand is ideally designed to get at even the tiniest of lashes.
  • Into the deep. Rich black shade brings out our dramatic side.


IT Cosmetics
No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner

My second go to beauty product is eyeliner. If I have a good mascara and a good eyeliner then I am one happy momma. This low maintenance lady can feel like a rock star with these two beauty tools. IT Cosmetics have wonderful products across the board. I have other products by them that I also love but I am saving those for another post.

This eyeliner has it all. It’s waterproof, gel, and provides a smooth finish. Mine is in black and is the perfect liner for a smoky eye (date night anyone?).  Many liners you have to be really careful when applying because they can bunch up your eyelid and leave that spotted look across your lid.  Then you try to fix it and end up with either a super thick line or an uneven line. Who needs those when you are herding kids out the door?  Did I mention this is water proof?

 Ipsy Product description

  • Works its magic on the inner and outer rims of the lash line
  • Includes good-for-skin ingredients hydrolyzed collagen and silk proteins
  • Free of skin irritants (parabens, fragrances and sulfates)


PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

 You might be reading the product name and wondering the same thing I was when I received saw it. Oil as a cleanser? Really, doesn’t that defeat the point of a cleanser? I was more than skeptical when I tried this product. My skin as I said before is super sensitive and weird. I can never really predict how it will respond to a new product. The first time I tried this, my skin was so soft! Best part? You don’t have to use water with it, you put it on a dry face rub it in and then rinse. NO FOAMING!!

I also quit using a night cream on the days I used the camellia cleansing oil; my skin was so hydrated from the oil base. It also removes eye makeup in a snap. If you are anything like me and live with water proof mascara then you understand what a pain it can be to remove it.  Plus, chasing children around and trying to have any sort of night routine is a little tough with little ones. This is a one step process, wash and rinse. I love it!

 Ipsy product description

Come into bloom. Nutrient-rich camellia oil from the Goto Islands moisturizes as it removes makeup and cleanses. That’s what we call flower power.

  • Ready for liftoff. Leaves no residue behind whatsoever.
  • Rice bran oil hydrates and makes skin feel silky.
  • Just say no to irritation. Mild enough for all skin types.


OGX Beauty
Vitamin B5 Weightless Oil Mist

 My hair description would be right on the line of oily and dry. I color my hair fairly regularly and it can take its toll on my strands. The ends of my hair will get that frayed frizz look while my roots will take on the “I haven’t washed my hair in a week” grease look. This is all with regular hair care as well as regular trims. I felt like I couldn’t win. Then, this little bottle showed up in my glam bag. I was a little hesitant to use it because of the oil but I needed to give my ends some extra TLC.

I sprayed a little on my ends and combed my hair. Instant softness! But if you have ends that need a little bit of extra love, this is highly recommended. The oil also helps keep the life of your color alive. I noticed the shine from freshly colored hair lasted longer when I used this. Now, this is an oil mist so you want to use sparingly. Follow the directions on the bottle and adjust to what works for your hair type.

Ipsy Product Description

This hair treatment is infused with Vitamin B5 and ProVitamin B to nourish the inner layer of each strand of hair with moisture, while rebuilding damaged areas.

  • Hydrating treatment
  • Provides moisture and shine

5 Awesome Beauty Products for moms

Take heed low maintenance moms! Or even those of you who have all your ducks in a row. (I am envious of you who do 🙂 ) If you are looking for a few gifts for yourself take a look at any of these. I promise I use every single one of these products and stand by them. I have meant every word regarding their awesome factor! If you feel like you want to try a few products before buying then I highly recommend Ipsy. They even started sending video links regarding how to use certain products arriving with the month’s glam bag.

*Please remember I am not affiliated with Ipsy, but I do love the products I have spoken about above. If you do use the referral link, I do receive 250 points towards products but so do you!

Do you have any favorite products for moms on the go? How about tricks with makeup to keep up with the times?

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