Do You Need an Adult Recess?

Today is Mother’s Day and it is the day where I feel the least amount of mom guilt for sleeping in and saying no to the dishes in the sink. My Facebook feed is full of friends and family sharing their presents from their loved ones while I bask in the steam from my HOT (I know!) coffee.  I was tagged in an article that I am sure you have read about what mom really wants for Mother’s Day  and it speaks the truth, but really why is it that generally speaking Mother’s Day is the only day we feel less mom guilt when we know we need breaks and should take them guilt free?


The other day I was struggling. By struggling I mean, I couldn’t stay focused, I had a short fuse, and as far as I could see nothing was going to go right in the day. Nothing was done on my “To Do List”; instead it seemed to keep growing.

Parents need a breakI have mentioned before, Mom’s Balanced Life is a side hustle. It’s still in the growing stages. I am still working full-time outside of the home. As many busy parents know this adds another factor to the stress of the day. Let me mention we are also in the middle of potty training and anyone who has had to work a full-time job while potty training knows it takes its own toll on a parent’s psyche.

So here I was just about to lose my mind and I thought “I wonder how many other parents feel like this? I am tired of losing my s*** on my family and I am positive they are tired of me losing it” I took a mental note and made a checklist of what was eating at me. Was I hungry? Did I have enough coffee in the day? (I openly admit I a coffee addiction ) Am I communicating to my husband what I need? Are my kids going to die if I really hide in the closet for a minute? These are all legit thoughts that passed through my head.  I finally told my husband I was going to go soak in the tub; took a book, a beer and left my phone out in the living room.

BLISS! Seriously, pure and simple bliss. I spent 45 minutes locked in my bathroom with a steaming hot bath and getting lost in a crazy world that only Terry Goodkind (amazon link) could write. My beer was a tasty stout dark beer called Moose Drool (amazon link) and not looking at a screen or worrying about my Instagram, Pinterest, or email was just the reset I needed.

Besides Mother’s Day do you need an adult recess? Here are some symptoms of life overload and needing to take a step back or throw back an extra glass of wine.

Mom needs a breakYour normal amount of patience is shortened significantly

My temperament isn’t terrible. It could certainly use some fine tuning but that’s another story for another day. I am not talking about if you yell or not. I am talking about when your temperament is considerably different. Did the 5-year-old spill milk and you brought them to tears by your reaction? How about the teenager is asking a million questions and you can’t tolerate the sound of their voice? Maybe your husband is taking a few minutes to play on Facebook and you want to throw his iPhone? Every tiny thing is grading on your mind, life is more unfair than usual.

Any of these sound familiar? These can all indicate you need and must take a minute for yourself. Grab your keys and tell your partner you need 10 minutes to reset. If you are a single parent see if the neighbors or a friend can help you out for a little bit. You do triple the duty those of us in committed relationships so the least we could do is lend a hand when you need it.

You catch yourself hanging out in the car

Coming home from work or the store and you drag your feet to walk into the house. You tell yourself, just a couple more minutes and I will go in. You take a few minutes to play on your phone or just stare out the window, wondering if hiring a maid is realistic and how you can fix your finances to make this come true.

Hanging out in the car alone can actually count as taking a second for yourself. We are busy people; between jobs, kids, marriages, relationships, dreams and when you push yourself to burn the candle at both ends you are setting yourself up for a meltdown. If you are spending a few extra seconds in the car or the bathroom, don’t feel guilty. Take it as a sign you need to cut yourself some slack.

Tension Headaches or Migraines are familiar friendsAdult Recess

Stress-induced headaches are a tale tale sign of needing some self-care or a break from parentville.  Constantly, taking care of adult responsibilities and tiny humans take a toll on a person’s mental capacity causing tenseness in the muscles around your head and jaw to clinch, triggering headaches.

Find a way to relax these muscles; a massage, hot bath or chiropractic treatment can all help ease the pain and allow you some time to your own thoughts.

Headaches according to the Mayo Clinic  is the pain in any region of the head. They can happen on one, both sides and the pain can switch sides throughout a headache. There are varying degrees of pain, from sharp, throbbing or constant dull achiness.


Memory lapses

Do you forget where you put your keys? How about looking for your phone while you are talking on it? Short memory lapses like this are another sign that it’s time to recharge your body and mind with a little self-care.

The primary reason the lapes happen is you are on auto pilot. Just going through the motions of day to day life and not being mindful of the world around you. Check out my Pinterest board on Mindfulness for tips on how to practice being more mindful and taking time out for yourself.


For the last two months, I have almost done nothing with the blog. To be totally transparent, I actually have hardly looked at it for over a month until last week.

My full-time job was requiring me to travel more lately, meaning less time with my family. I was feeling guilty and short tempered but I was also putting off items that I really loved and wanted to work on. Then I would get caught up in the cleaning of the house, homework for kids, dinner, and other daily tasks that didn’t need to happen right that second.

Are you finding your passions taking the back burner? The drive for your dream or other important to you items faltering? If you put off too much for you, it can create resentment for the life you are currently living.

Time for adult recess

If you don’t have a self-care routine then these days are likely to happen more often. You are not selfish for needing a few minutes to yourself.  My Pinterest board A Life in Balance is geared toward self-care, finding your own balance and what you can do for yourself.

What is your favorite way to unwind and pamper yourself?

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Tips for Bonding with Your Tween

*this post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure page for more information.

No one tells you how hard the tween years can be. Or how you (and them) will survive with as little bloodshed as possible. With hormones on high during these awesomely precious years when it seems as if everything you say to them either causes major embarrassment or defiance; because you know we as parents know nothing. Throw in a situation where there are little ones in the house or maybe you are pregnant (I have been both).  You’re sleep deprived and have a low tolerance level for obnoxiousness.

Our personal story has so many twists and turns; our poor kiddo has been through more in his short life than most. He is my stepson but was the first to make me a mom. The most trying time was when we lost our son in 2015. Although we had done our best to explain to him we really didn’t know what to expect, I don’t think anything could have completely prepared any of us for the heartbreak we had. He was devastated when he wasn’t able to meet his littlest brother alive and for a few months, it took everything we had to keep it together as a family. One of the reasons I think we came out on the other side of the darkness is because we really strived to keep him involved and connected.

To assist with some of the hurdles of change we read books (which are listed below), articles, and whatever other resources we could to get a grip on this um… adventure.After all the reading and the research, I decided I have this great outlet to share knowledge with the world.

I joined forces with my own tween to write this post. He is almost a teen but the knowledge we are about to bestow upon you are from a couple of years in the muck and mud of tweendom. Why not have input from the tween himself? We used this as our own form of bonding time and enjoyed every minute of it, and to be frank, I think I learned something too!


This sounds simple enough, right? But kids are smart. If you are on auto pilot and while they are mid-story about someone at school or a cool bottle flip trick, this is important to them. But if your responses are full of nods and “uh huh’s” then they begin to think you don’t care.

This is listening without prodding, these are the conversations that happen at random not while pushing for answers. Although you may not really care about the newest video their favorite Youtuber posted or the random treasure in the road. These conversations are important to them and they want to know you take them seriously too.

I hear from a reliable source (my own kid 😉 ) That if you listen to these semi-mundane conversations they are more likely to talk to you about tparenting- bonding with your tweenhe tough subjects and they know you still love them regardless.


Teach them something

Ever watched one of those movies themed back in the 50’s or 60’s? One common scene you see in those films are dads teaching boys to work on cars or moms teaching their daughters to bake. Granted life is a little more complicated than it was back then,  we have to get a little more creative. Cue Pinterest! 🙂

Continue reading Tips for Bonding with Your Tween

Why I am Embracing my Hot Mess Mom-ness

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I watched a hilarious video the other day. You may have seen it too. It was posted on BuzzFeed last year but I am just now seeing it, Here Are The Different Types of Moms You Meet.  It lists off the PTA Mom, the Parenting Expert Mom,  the Crunchy Mom, the Hipster Mom and the Hot Mess Mom.  I couldn’t contain my laughter! (I think my cubicle buddies thought I had gone a little off the deep end with how much I was giggling)

I immediately told my husband I was the hot mess mom. Wham! Inspiration for this week. Here is my ode to hot mess moms and why I am embracing my hot mess mom-ness.

zulily Maternity Fashion Week

Chaos is my life

I have been trying like hell to get my sh** together for a few years now. I have been a stepmom longer than I have been a biological mom and let me tell you.. Two boys with a ten year age difference is seriously no picnic. I firmly believe those of you with more than two offspring deserve an award, I can barely contain my house. Not to say I don’t try but when there is a twelve-year-old having a meltdown because the internet is lagging and the two-year-old is having a meltdown because his shirt is the wrong color, don’t tell me you don’t pull your hair out or drink wine during the day!

There are school projects, potty training, extracurricular activities, visits to see family, work, oh yeah and we somehow squeeze in house work, laundry, and dogs.

I have perfected the messy bun

I have a sweet girl at my out of the house job who always compliments my messy buns. I am very gracious for her compliments, but I have zero ideas how else I would do my hair. Get up an hour early just to have it fall all in my face or be pulled on the second I get home? Nope, messy bun to the rescue.

However, I do attempt mascara and eyeliner. I try very hard to take care of my skin but I promise you I don’t look super put together. 🙂

Embrace hot mess mom- perfect messy bun
Meet me and my sidekick Min Min. (See perfect messy bun!)

I .am .late. to.every.thing

Literally, everything. I have no idea how to be on time. I either turn off my alarm, or when I do get up to work on here I get so engulfed that I don’t want to let go. Then the chaos really begins. Shoes can’t be found, jackets are not fun to wear, the dogs have to go out, I forgot my phone, I forgot keys, and whatever else you can think of.

I hate waking up my two year old because he is a nightmare. He has inherited my lack of morning loving as well as his dad’s automatic grumpy face when the light begins to shine. This causes my mornings to be rough and hectic.

A couple of weeks ago we were supposed to arrive at a surprise party for a dear friend’s husband, and of course we pull up when he pulls up to arrive. I made something up on the spot but still felt like a douche. Luckily, my dearest friend knows of my chronic lateness and forgave me.

Why am I embracing this?

Let’s see… I felt inspired. I felt like I needed to go back to why I started Mom’s Balanced Life. Although, hindsight I wished I had used “unbalanced” 🙂 I have written about how I am attempting to take back my health and how you can too, I have written about beauty products that I can’t live without (yup, eyeliner mascara and a messy bun 😉 ), and I have written about my angel son .

I needed to regroup. I needed to really look at what I was like and feel like I put out the real me. I was being honest and forthcoming in all of the posts I have written to date but I need to put it out there that I am a hot mess mom. I do not have my sh** together and I am envious of those Pinterest moms who finger paint every day with their kids or who can take their twelve year old out and play basketball with them.Embracing being a hot mess mom

I love my kids, I love my husband and I truly love my life. There are aspects I would love to change. I would love to be more of a morning person, I would love to have an actual night routine where I am half way ready to run out the door in the morning; but let’s be honest. I am a little lazy and tired. Instead of getting down on myself on how I should be, I decided to embrace what I am. I felt it was more important than trying to be something I couldn’t commit too. I can commit to being a hot mess mom, I already am and it’s working for the most part.

My kids know they are loved; I cook way more than I ever thought I would, and I am sitting here writing my little heart out. What’s not to love? So while you follow me on my crazy adventures here or on Instagram, just know my Pinterest account is,  well a lot of ideas for how to find my own personal balance with being a total procrastinator but a great mom. I refuse to go insane trying to be something I am not, those of you who can do your children’s lunches every single day!? Gold star (seriously!), you get up at 5am or earlier and do a workout? Yup gold star for you and know I am sitting here cheering you on with my cold cup of coffee because I didn’t plan ahead.

We are all moms trying to keep our sh** together and raise tiny, stubborn, adorable humans. Let’s embrace the best parts of ourselves, accept the flaws and cheer each other on.

What type of mom are you? Any pointers for being a better planner without beating myself up? 😉

Tackling Baby Weight- update 1

Welcome to my journey in losing my baby weight!

If you are new to this story I suggest reading Tackling My Baby Weight and How to Rock Your Health and Fitness Goals. These two posts are precursors updates with me tackling my baby weight.

An honest note

Let me begin with how difficult the last two weeks have been. This is not a negative Nancy soapbox rant. This is real life and no matter how much we plan life throws curve balls and lemons at you.

We have had a series of winter storms hitting us almost back to back. It hasn’t been as tough as other parts of the country, but it has made commuting difficult and getting outside almost impossible. I had to rethink my exercise routine.  There have also been hormonal fluctuations, you know what I mean ladies. I had a few moments where I wanted to inhale a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but managed to settle on two.  My mind also decided it was time to jump back into the deep dark hole of depression and I to be frank and honest, I am not completely out of the hole yet. However, I am closer to feeling a little less manic and a little more like me.

weight loss, baby weight,
Tackling baby weight after loss

I am laying it all out there folks. I refuse to put on a happy, everything is great and working out perfectly, song and dance for you. We live in a world where everything can (and does) change within moments. I decided to quit fighting the current I was on and attempt to embrace some of the chaos. Instead of letting all the lemons hit me at once I decided to make lemonade and add vodka! 🙂

Exercise routine- random

I haven’t been really focusing on getting a 20 to 30 min workout in. Instead, I have been focusing on getting up more while I am at my desk job, adding random bursts of exercise movements while cooking dinner or letting the dogs out to go potty,  using my giant toddler (weighing in at almost 40 lbs!) as a weight and play time as a work out. All these things actually have been working pretty good. I am less stiff after the desk job and I am able to combine a workout with mommy time! Two birds one stone!

Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Cooking dinner- 10 reps of squats, 10 leg lifts (each side), 10 back kicks (each side)
Commercials on TV- plank for as long as possible, 10 push ups (currently I am still on my knees for push ups), 10 crunches
Kid bath time- 10 squats, 10 lunges (each side), 10 over head curls, 10 front kicks (each side)

PS- I do this in my hallway while watching kiddo play with toys. I do not tackling baby weight updaterecommend leaving children or doing workouts in the bathroom. 🙂

Goals- adding a yoga sequence to my morning. This is a great way to tone muscles, work on core and get focused for the day!


I did pretty good with my combine Whole30 and paleo routine……. for about a week. I failed to take my own advice; I didn’t plan. I was not following any sort of routine and fell flat on my face a couple of days last week. I was having difficulty with getting my act together. I regrouped and took note of what was going on.  I decided to eat mostly paleo and try for the strict Whole30 in March when I have the ability to go outside on those days when I would rather inhale a bag of cookies.

I am still putting milk in my coffee for now but it’s getting less and less each day. Meal planning has worked out better for lunches and dinners but breakfast is still a struggle. I am trying to find a few of those breakfast in a crock pot recipes that are lower in calories and don’t require a ton of prep. I will keep you posted on what I find!

Regardless of the setbacks and the rough days, I am happy to report I have lost two pounds and I am beginning to see my energy come back. Depression, while making life changes isn’t easy. If you are trying to make healthy changes and still struggle with the negative (i call mine “mean girls”) voices, take a look at where you can cut yourself some slack. Remember you are not a failure. You are great and you are capable.  These are two things I make sure to tell myself when I feel like I am slipping down that slope. We got this!!

I will continue to post every couple of weeks about this journey. It’s helping me be accountable and hopefully helping you find some peace in your own weight loss tale.

Week 3 Goals- Lose 7 lbs in the next four weeks. (seems small but I am juggling a lot, so I won’t make big goals when I am making lifestyle changes), continue to fit in random workouts through out the day, add in two walks a week, up my vegetable intake to 5 servings a day and to allow myself a judgement free zone in my headtackling baby weight plan

What seems to keep you from your weight loss or healthy goals? How can I help you?

Inspiration Tuesday- Hope & Heartache

A trending theme here on Inspiration Tuesday has been chasing your dreams and finding the fire within. This week is a little different. I am featuring words from Lexi Behrndt.

I stumbled upon her page last year just weeks after our son passed away. I referenced her in my New Year Without You post. One of her quotes I shared last year on my personal Facebook page popped up in my memories and I was inspired to share her words again.

Sifting through ashes of a former self is not an easy task. Looking in the mirror and feeling as though a stranger is looking back, this is the reality after loss. You are changed in so many ways and many  are difficult to put into words.

The quote featured today is so perfect. There is hope with heartache and it looks different for everyone but it’s there. I see it in my children’s eyes and the rising sun.  This week, whatever your heartache may be, I challenge you to find the hope and to do your part in spreading hope and love.

How to Balance a Full Time Gig & a Side Hustle

*This post may contain affiliate links.

Currently Mom’s Balanced Life is a side hustle/passion. I am still juggling a full time out of the home job, two kids, two dogs and a husband!  It has come to my attention, I might be a bit of a workaholic.  I literally have to schedule almost every single free moment so I don’t fall behind somewhere.

I have compiled best tips for balancing a full time gig and creating a side hustle. I have found these work best for me, as I build up the Mom’s Balanced Life brand and still spend time with my family. If you are currently looking to build your own blog while working a full time job, as well as handling other life duties, keep reading and put these tips to your own test!

Dream it-Live it

 Earlier this year, I took a quick little free mini course from Ruth Soukup over at Living Well Spending Less. It was her “Best Week Ever Boot Camp” and her first assignment to was; Dream Big .

How to balance full time gig and side hustle

I won’t deny the panic that began to  creep into my brain as I processed this “assignment”. The idea of writing down BIG dreams; you know, those dreams that feel so far fetched and out of reach. I felt silly.  However, I wrote them down and allowed myself the luxury of no boundaries to these dreams. We hardly allow ourselves to dream really big. However, as parents we tend to encourage our children to dream as big as possible, yet we as adults rarely grant ourselves the same permission.

Can you count how many times you didn’t do something for fear of the reaction from other people? I know from personal experience how many times I have talked myself out of something I genuinely desired, all because of fear. The fear lists were endless, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success.. you get it.

My ‘assignment’ from dreaming big helped me set up goals to move forward with my dreams. I am determined to make them a reality. The anxiety of trying new things and chasing a dream so far into the future can be discouraging, but give yourself a break, dream big and go after it!

Make TimeBalance a full time gig and a side hustle

 This is where I (still) struggle the most. As I have mentioned, I still work outside of my home full time. I have a house full of crazy boys (who I love!) dogs, preparing food, grocery shopping, date night,  and everything in between. I was having a difficult time being able to work here, pay attention to homework, school stories, and love on my kids. I was noticing things were taking a toll. I was losing sleep, time writing, and time with my very important people. Something had to give, I needed to prioritize and make the time for things that mattered.

Not the funnest part of creating but sacrifices have to happen. When I wrote How to Rock your Health and Fitness goals, I touched on sacrifices for your wellness goals. Same rules apply when chasing your business dreams. There are sacrifices that need to happen.I decided winging it wasn’t doing me any good. I would hope for the writing bug to strike at an opportune moment. I would tell myself I would work on a post after the kids went to bed but most nights I was so exhausted that I couldn’t keep my own eyes open after they went down. I began to work in the early mornings, then allow myself one hour of writing/designing  when I got off work. Bath time with my son a has become the perfect time for social media moments. I take a couple of minutes to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, then it’s kid time.

By far my biggest time saver was Tailwind, an amazing pin scheduler. I am finally using Pinterest to increase traffic flow and Tailwind does most of the work. Originally, I wasn’t going to use a pin scheduling program until I had hit six months of blogging. Tailwind has been a huge topic and was also part of the blogging course I mentioned below. Tailwind literally tripled my Pinterest following in less than a month. I used the free version first then signed up for a plan. You get 100 pins with their free trial version. I can plug in a few things on my phone and boom it’s done.

Using Instagram  for networking has been fun, quick, and easy. I can comment on few photos and follow some fun conversation loops. I save the hard stuff for early mornings, weekends and on the nights where I can keep my eyes open. But I am determined to make this work. Winging it wasn’t paying off, scheduling and time management has been.

Get a Planner

To help with my time management, I did some digging into how some of the veteran bloggers make it look so easy. I noticed a trend with planners.  They talk about planners as if life depended on it. Now I am not just winging it and working on my time management and scheduling I have begun to see the appeal of a planner.

Balancing full time gig and side hustle
My trusty notebook planner substitute


I had a form of “sticker shock” when I began to notice just how many articles are written about using a planner for goals, business planning, blog topic storming and inspiration. As a new blogger and new to this time management thing, the need for a planner is so real.  Currently, I am not sporting a planner. I am late arriving to this game. Check out my AWESOME (sarcasm!) old school note book.   I do have my eye on one planner, designed specifically for bloggers by a blogger. I will be purchasing  The Blog + Life Planner created by  Allison Marshall  over at It will be my Valentine’s present to myself.

If you are looking into planners for your growing business there are a few different options you can go for. The option above, purchasing one from another blogger, Amazon has a wide selection of planners, one of my favorites is the Badass Blog Planner , as well as checking in with your local book store.

I want to monetize this blog which is why I do use affiliate marketing but I want to make sure there is a nice mix of inspiration, humor, parenting craziness and coping with life in general.  I rounded up a couple of  awesome planner articles from other bloggers,  and their reasons for using a planner is a must  in the blogging world. Even if it’s a basic notebook like mine!

Reasons to Use a Daily Planner

Why You Need to Use a Planner

Get learning

Recently I took a blogging course BLOG BY NUMBER and loved it! I highly recommend this course if you are just beginning and need assistance with some of the basic technical stuff. The amount of detail and wonderful one on one help you get from Suzi is priceless. I was able to finally find a balance in building and growing my blog. The Blog By Number walks you step by step through the beginnings of blog making, including overviews with basic SEO, Pinterest,creating great graphics and more. Having this advantageous tool saved me so much time trying to figure out the blog business.  A big thank you to Suzi Whitford from Start A Mom Blog for creating this course.

How to balance a full time gig and a side hustle

Follow my  Blog Tips and Tricks Pinterest board, dedicated to learning all things blogging.  There are plenty of free tips around the web, but I highly recommend taking a couple of courses from the established bloggers. They have years of experience and some great advice to offer.


Want to start your own blog? Set up your site with Blue Host. Your hosting purchase comes with free tools on their youtube channel, excellent customer service and great prices ($3.95 a month!) After you get setup with Blue Host here is a couple of great “How To’s” for beginners.

Start a Blog 2017 Right Way – Start a Mom Blog

Learn to Blog – Practical Mommy

Keep your eye on the prize

Last but not least, keep your eye on the prize. If you want this, you can make it happen. Chase those dreams.

If a long post doesn’t seem to be coming together the way you envision, create a fun quote for the blog post or find something that you are really passionate about and is easy to whip something up. Make sure it’s clean and to a standard that you would want to take the time to read. I took two weeks off from posting to really gather my thoughts, work on the back end of my blog and to find out what my prize was going to look like for me. Taking a break from creating content was a little bit of a risk, but I have been able to focus more on the content recently than I have in almost a month. All from taking a step back for a moment, looking at the big picture and regrouping.

Remember it takes time for things to grow. This blog is only a few months old. I was about to throw in the towel. Then I realized I hadn’t given this blog enough time to blossom. I am keeping my eye on the prize while still being realistic. It’s okay for things to take time.

If you are a mom like me and have other duties on your plate you know what your schedule looks like. You know where you can crunch in some extra time for your dreams and where you can rest. Take heart and push through obstacles. We all have our own balance and we all have our own way of doing things. I hope these tips help you!

What are your best balancing tricks? How do you build your vision?

A New Year Without You

2016 hasn’t been bad to us; in fact it was pretty good to us.  My husband got a job he loves; they have promoted him twice since being there in April. We moved to a new city, one that we have wanted to move to for a couple of years. I finally landed my foot in the door with a Physical Therapy company, launched Mom’s Balanced Life, and adopted two furbabies.  That’s the nutshell version of our 2016, I am actually pretty proud of what we have managed to accomplish in 2016 and I look forward to 2017 with hope.a new year without you

This post is for you my friends. This post is for all the parents who have felt the crushing blow of their child leaving this earth before them. This morning while I pondered if I would even write this piece; I rolled over an article regarding Debbie Reynolds passing  just one day after her daughter Carrie Fischer.  For a tiny second, I was a little envious of her; only because she had to live just one day without her daughter. I don’t write these words to be insensitive to their grieving families, but I write them to let the world know that (again my belief) death is much harder on the surviving.  I have read the articles about their estranged relationship and how difficult it had been for the two of them to connect over the years. But as a mother who has to endure the rest of her life without one of her children, I have to see the silver lining for Ms. Reynolds. She is (in my belief) reunited with her daughter and she only really had to grieve for one day. Continue reading A New Year Without You

5 Amazing Beauty Products for Moms

*This post contains affiliate links

Last year my Facebook feed was blowing up with friends and family who had signed up for the Ipsy Glam Bag.  I had no idea what this “magic” bag was, I knew it had makeup in it and that’s about it. I finally asked a friend what all the hype was about. She explained, it’s a subscription for $10 a month and you get five trial and sometimes full sized beauty products. I wasn’t sold at first. I was barely getting ready for the day as it was let alone getting “glammed” up. (I am not affiliated with Ipsy, I just love the Glam Bag Program)

I am low maintenance, always have been. Even in during my peak teenage years, I would go to morning swim practice, throw my hair in a ponytail, put on some mascara and go to school. Then repeat.  Eye liner was used on occasion and about the only time I ever did full faced makeup was if there was a dance involved. Fast forward to my mid-twenties and I finally sort of started to care about makeup and skin care. But I am super sensitive to certain products and I was getting tired of spending a bunch of money on stuff that I ended up hating. I talked to the hubby and he told me to try it.  (The links to Ipsy within this post are referral links. If you sign up we both get 250 points that can be used towards products.)

I have chosen 5 of my favorite beauty products for low maintenance moms (or put together moms too!) from a year with Ipsy.  I rate all of these five stars, they are all amazing in their own ways. I have had twelve glam bags and these are for sure the products I literally cannot live without. *The products all have affiliate links. Continue reading 5 Amazing Beauty Products for Moms

5 Life Lessons from my Toddler

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My little man is 2.5 years old. He is about the size of an average 4-year-old. He is currently growing out of his 3 T clothes faster than I had ever imagined. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by his size. I am a tall momma, 5 foot 9 to be exact and daddy is 6 foot 3, so we created a small giant with our gene combination. He is the sweetest thing in the world and my father has so graciously nicknamed him the tornado. But this last year he has taught me so many things.

After losing our other son last year I wasn’t sure how I was going to get up every day. There were moments when I just wanted to crawl into a dark hole and even just a few weeks ago I still wanted to do that. If it hadn’t been for Mr. E and my step son C, I am not sure if I would have found the strength to crawl out of bed.  Toddlers have a way of being difficult. They are stubborn and very emotional tiny humans. Mine is no exception. He is for sure bull headed and he sure as hell knows how to get his way. But this past year he has taught me more than just patience. He has taught me more lessons than I could have ever dreamed. Continue reading 5 Life Lessons from my Toddler

Inspiration Tuesday- Finding Purpose

Inspiration Tues- purpose in lifeThis week’s inspiration Tuesday is going to be a little different. I missed my normal weekly post due to traveling and well, a depressive episode. You see this week marks the week my son was born, just one year ago. Life has moved forward and a lot has changed since he was here and gone. His story is on its way to being told here but I am having a difficult time sharing him with the world. He is so very precious to me and so very special. In fact, he is my source for this week’s Inspiration Tuesday.

I mentioned that I was travelling last weekend. We went to my hometown for a large 80th Birthday gig for my maternal grandparents. They both turned 80 this year and their children decided to throw them this surprise party. I literally had to force myself to go. There are A LOT of people on both sides of my family and there are some very strong opinions that circulate this group of people.  During our journey with Owen, I had a lot of virtual support but not many people knew what to say to me in person. Since his death I really haven’t been to many family gatherings if I know there will be a large amount of people there.  It causes an anxiety I have never had and I hate the awkwardness that my presence seems to trigger for most people. But I went to this party for my grandparents and for my Owen.Finding Purpose

Something very special happened at this birthday party. My two year old was ornery and my husband took over as primary care person so I could chat with a couple of my favorite relatives. Someone who is currently pregnant and had a major scare early on in her pregnancy asked me “How do you do it? How do you get up every day?” She wasn’t rude and in fact she wasn’t at all accusing. It was a genuine question of how I find the strength to put one let in front of the other every single day without my son. I honestly had never really been asked this question and I was so happy she asked when I had the answer. He is my inspiration. Every. Single. Day. He is the reason I get up. Our time together on this little tiny spec in the universe was short and was awesome. He taught me what the bigger picture really is. He taught me to believe in me and he taught me that life is too short to not chase your dreams.

As difficult as it was go to this party and to see so many babies that my son should have been playing with. I am glad for this single moment. I am glad for the clarity of being able to see that my son still walks with me. He is the reason I move forward in life and he is the reason I decided to start this blog. I wanted a place to inspire and to help other mom’s and dad’s through the many different journeys of life. I want to make a difference and I want to inspire the way my Angel Boy inspires me. Do your best to embrace life. Spread love and joy whenever you can. I am a living testament that life is unfair and it is hard, but it can also be joyful and purposeful.

Find your purpose! Find your inspiration! Then come share it here!

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