6 Unexpected Surprises I Learned From Blogging

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I have a confession… I purchased the web domain for Mom’s Balanced Life in January of 2016; I didn’t do much with it until September of 2016. I had visions of my well-behaved children and I, enjoying our days and my new career of being a blogger fulfilling the dream of all dreams. In this illusion, I had time to clean and prepare wonderful meals. Then I had a reality check. Not a burst your bubble sort of check, just one thatwould require more work than I had originally anticipated.

Before officially launching, I read so many articles on blogging. How to blog, how not to blog, and of course how to make money blogging. I was trying to soak up all the information I could before really jumping in feet first. Now, I regret not jumping in then doing all the research. I was terrified. I was scared of the critics, I was not thrilled about working with something so foreign like analytics and to be honest I was just plain nervous. I would compare it to starting a new job except you have no one training you; other than the amazing resources you find online. I know I jammed more blogging information into my head than necessary. To the point where I get lost in my blogging thoughts and I bounce around too much. This post is only to share my personal struggles, not to deter anyone from chasing their dream of being a blogger.

Blogging is more than just writing Continue reading 6 Unexpected Surprises I Learned From Blogging

Inspiration Tuesday- The Light of Gratitude

light-of-gratitude-11-22-16This week my choice for the Inspiration Tuesday is partially for the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up and for my gratitude for so many people in my life who rekindle my flame. I have so many to thank and so many who inspire me every day. To those who are a light in my life- THANK YOU and to those of you who share your light with others, you are more precious than you will ever know.  We need one another to keep the light of life glowing. If you are struggling to find gratitude, check out my post from earlier this week. Wishing you all out there light and love!



Now is the Time for Love

moms balanced life election voiceI stayed up late last night watching the election results. I wasn’t planning on putting anything here regarding the end of the election. This is supposed to be a place regarding balance and wellness… but I am not well today. To be completely honest I really wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to post anything but I am a mom and I am a mom of white boys, something that I never thought I would have to write. Something I never thought would be so profound until I started watching the division in the US and watched as the hate spilled from all over Social Media. Continue reading Now is the Time for Love