Now is the Time for Love

moms balanced life election voiceI stayed up late last night watching the election results. I wasn’t planning on putting anything here regarding the end of the election. This is supposed to be a place regarding balance and wellness… but I am not well today. To be completely honest I really wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to post anything but I am a mom and I am a mom of white boys, something that I never thought I would have to write. Something I never thought would be so profound until I started watching the division in the US and watched as the hate spilled from all over Social Media.

We have always encouraged our sons to be open to people from all walks of life. I encourage them to make friends with people who have different religious beliefs or the person who may have moved here from another country. It’s one of the reasons we moved to a bigger city was to help educate our children on diversity. It’s one of the reasons we love the city as much as we do, we get to have so many different cultures around us and as humans in America we were given the freedom to live as we pleased and to have different opinions. And diversity teaches my children that we really (in a more perfect world) can embrace different opinions and still have love for our fellow humans regardless of sex, race, religious beliefs or sexual preference.

The internet is a tool as much as it is a weapon. I decided to go against my original plans and post regarding this election. Because this is the election that will affect my children the most. I was hoping whoever won that there would be some balance to the house. Instead, I watched as the Republican party took hold of the house, the Senate, and in the end the White House.  How do I, a more liberal and less conservative woman, explain to my children that it’s OKAY to have your own opinions and beliefs because we live in the USA? Except now; now I don’t know how to explain to them that we are allowed our own voices, when our government seems so hell bent on being involved.

How do I explain to my children to be open minded and to treat women with the utmost respect and to be kind, when the NOW president of the United States is a bully? How do I explain to them, that their friends who aren’t white will feel the brunt of this? How do I explain peace, love and kindness, when our government is now FULL of people who want to make decisions FOR US, who want to make big government bigger and want to run a country that is full of diversity but wants so much to control it?

moms balanced life love in diversityI decided if I gave up and if I don’t say anything here or to my children, I am not teaching the next generation how to be better. Instead, I will explain to them to keep their voices and keep their opinions; even if they aren’t part of the majority. Changes don’t come from being part of the majority, they come from being part of the minority with a loud voice and a passion that can overcome majority.  I will keep teaching them to be kind and to love their diverse friends and to encourage their diverse friends to chase their own dreams even in a world that seems so dark. I will hold to hope that if we as parents learn ANYTHING from this election, it’s to be educated about our country and our government. We as the voting people really need to take a look at the world we are creating for future generations. Give your children the voice and teach your children to embrace differences rather than fight them. Teach them to have hope and teach them to be true to themselves, even when the majority seems against them. Let’s teach our generations that they can be better and they can change the world for the good.

Now really is the time for love. Preach it, live it, and most of all BE love.

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