Inspiration Tuesday- The Light of Gratitude

light-of-gratitude-11-22-16This week my choice for the Inspiration Tuesday is partially for the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up and for my gratitude for so many people in my life who rekindle my flame. I have so many to thank and so many who inspire me every day. To those who are a light in my life- THANK YOU and to those of you who share your light with others, you are more precious than you will ever know.  We need one another to keep the light of life glowing. If you are struggling to find gratitude, check out my post from earlier this week. Wishing you all out there light and love!



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Heather Peterson

Welcome! I am new to the blogging world. Stepmom, angel mom and toddler mom, this is a space for sass, real life and finding your own harmony in this crazy world. I am a certified Health Coach and learning to find my own way through managing health with busy kids and a 9-5 out of the home job.

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