Tackling baby weight- weight loss journey

Tackling Baby Weight- update 1

Welcome to my journey in losing my baby weight!

If you are new to this story I suggest reading Tackling My Baby Weight and How to Rock Your Health and Fitness Goals. These two posts are precursors updates with me tackling my baby weight.

An honest note

Let me begin with how difficult the last two weeks have been. This is not a negative Nancy soapbox rant. This is real life and no matter how much we plan life throws curve balls and lemons at you.

We have had a series of winter storms hitting us almost back to back. It hasn’t been as tough as other parts of the country, but it has made commuting difficult and getting outside almost impossible. I had to rethink my exercise routine.  There have also been hormonal fluctuations, you know what I mean ladies. I had a few moments where I wanted to inhale a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but managed to settle on two.  My mind also decided it was time to jump back into the deep dark hole of depression and I to be frank and honest, I am not completely out of the hole yet. However, I am closer to feeling a little less manic and a little more like me.

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Tackling baby weight after loss

I am laying it all out there folks. I refuse to put on a happy, everything is great and working out perfectly, song and dance for you. We live in a world where everything can (and does) change within moments. I decided to quit fighting the current I was on and attempt to embrace some of the chaos. Instead of letting all the lemons hit me at once I decided to make lemonade and add vodka! 🙂

Exercise routine- random

I haven’t been really focusing on getting a 20 to 30 min workout in. Instead, I have been focusing on getting up more while I am at my desk job, adding random bursts of exercise movements while cooking dinner or letting the dogs out to go potty,  using my giant toddler (weighing in at almost 40 lbs!) as a weight and play time as a work out. All these things actually have been working pretty good. I am less stiff after the desk job and I am able to combine a workout with mommy time! Two birds one stone!

Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Cooking dinner- 10 reps of squats, 10 leg lifts (each side), 10 back kicks (each side)
Commercials on TV- plank for as long as possible, 10 push ups (currently I am still on my knees for push ups), 10 crunches
Kid bath time- 10 squats, 10 lunges (each side), 10 over head curls, 10 front kicks (each side)

PS- I do this in my hallway while watching kiddo play with toys. I do not tackling baby weight updaterecommend leaving children or doing workouts in the bathroom. 🙂

Goals- adding a yoga sequence to my morning. This is a great way to tone muscles, work on core and get focused for the day!


I did pretty good with my combine Whole30 and paleo routine……. for about a week. I failed to take my own advice; I didn’t plan. I was not following any sort of routine and fell flat on my face a couple of days last week. I was having difficulty with getting my act together. I regrouped and took note of what was going on.  I decided to eat mostly paleo and try for the strict Whole30 in March when I have the ability to go outside on those days when I would rather inhale a bag of cookies.

I am still putting milk in my coffee for now but it’s getting less and less each day. Meal planning has worked out better for lunches and dinners but breakfast is still a struggle. I am trying to find a few of those breakfast in a crock pot recipes that are lower in calories and don’t require a ton of prep. I will keep you posted on what I find!

Regardless of the setbacks and the rough days, I am happy to report I have lost two pounds and I am beginning to see my energy come back. Depression, while making life changes isn’t easy. If you are trying to make healthy changes and still struggle with the negative (i call mine “mean girls”) voices, take a look at where you can cut yourself some slack. Remember you are not a failure. You are great and you are capable.  These are two things I make sure to tell myself when I feel like I am slipping down that slope. We got this!!

I will continue to post every couple of weeks about this journey. It’s helping me be accountable and hopefully helping you find some peace in your own weight loss tale.

Week 3 Goals- Lose 7 lbs in the next four weeks. (seems small but I am juggling a lot, so I won’t make big goals when I am making lifestyle changes), continue to fit in random workouts through out the day, add in two walks a week, up my vegetable intake to 5 servings a day and to allow myself a judgement free zone in my headtackling baby weight plan

What seems to keep you from your weight loss or healthy goals? How can I help you?

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