Inspiration Tuesday- It’s the Memories

This week’s inspiration Tuesday is a small dedication to the memories.

Consider the big picture, it really isn’t about the paycheck or the number on the scale. It’s about how much you laughed or tickled your kids. It’s about learning a new skill or reading a killer book. It’s about putting your phone down for an hour to play 50 rounds of goldfish. This hustle bustle life doesn’t need to be wrapped up in the newest model of car, it needs to be the flour mess on the floor or the mud tracks in the house.Inspirational quote- memories

I am guilty as any getting caught up on my list of chores and moving on to the next success story of my life. But if I really take a close look at my life, I am a success. I have a great job, I am chasing my dreams, my kids make me so happy and so crazy at the same time. We do our best to make new memories every day and the older they get the more I take heart to make time for the little things.

This life is far too short to be chasing temporary physical items. Take a moment to reflect,  you will live on through your children’s memories and stories. Be sure those count the most.