Why I am Embracing my Hot Mess Mom-ness

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I watched a hilarious video the other day. You may have seen it too. It was posted on BuzzFeed last year but I am just now seeing it, Here Are The Different Types of Moms You Meet.  It lists off the PTA Mom, the Parenting Expert Mom,  the Crunchy Mom, the Hipster Mom and the Hot Mess Mom.  I couldn’t contain my laughter! (I think my cubicle buddies thought I had gone a little off the deep end with how much I was giggling)

I immediately told my husband I was the hot mess mom. Wham! Inspiration for this week. Here is my ode to hot mess moms and why I am embracing my hot mess mom-ness.

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Chaos is my life

I have been trying like hell to get my sh** together for a few years now. I have been a stepmom longer than I have been a biological mom and let me tell you.. Two boys with a ten year age difference is seriously no picnic. I firmly believe those of you with more than two offspring deserve an award, I can barely contain my house. Not to say I don’t try but when there is a twelve-year-old having a meltdown because the internet is lagging and the two-year-old is having a meltdown because his shirt is the wrong color, don’t tell me you don’t pull your hair out or drink wine during the day!

There are school projects, potty training, extracurricular activities, visits to see family, work, oh yeah and we somehow squeeze in house work, laundry, and dogs.

I have perfected the messy bun

I have a sweet girl at my out of the house job who always compliments my messy buns. I am very gracious for her compliments, but I have zero ideas how else I would do my hair. Get up an hour early just to have it fall all in my face or be pulled on the second I get home? Nope, messy bun to the rescue.

However, I do attempt mascara and eyeliner. I try very hard to take care of my skin but I promise you I don’t look super put together. 🙂

Embrace hot mess mom- perfect messy bun
Meet me and my sidekick Min Min. (See perfect messy bun!)

I .am .late. to.every.thing

Literally, everything. I have no idea how to be on time. I either turn off my alarm, or when I do get up to work on here I get so engulfed that I don’t want to let go. Then the chaos really begins. Shoes can’t be found, jackets are not fun to wear, the dogs have to go out, I forgot my phone, I forgot keys, and whatever else you can think of.

I hate waking up my two year old because he is a nightmare. He has inherited my lack of morning loving as well as his dad’s automatic grumpy face when the light begins to shine. This causes my mornings to be rough and hectic.

A couple of weeks ago we were supposed to arrive at a surprise party for a dear friend’s husband, and of course we pull up when he pulls up to arrive. I made something up on the spot but still felt like a douche. Luckily, my dearest friend knows of my chronic lateness and forgave me.

Why am I embracing this?

Let’s see… I felt inspired. I felt like I needed to go back to why I started Mom’s Balanced Life. Although, hindsight I wished I had used “unbalanced” 🙂 I have written about how I am attempting to take back my health and how you can too, I have written about beauty products that I can’t live without (yup, eyeliner mascara and a messy bun 😉 ), and I have written about my angel son .

I needed to regroup. I needed to really look at what I was like and feel like I put out the real me. I was being honest and forthcoming in all of the posts I have written to date but I need to put it out there that I am a hot mess mom. I do not have my sh** together and I am envious of those Pinterest moms who finger paint every day with their kids or who can take their twelve year old out and play basketball with them.Embracing being a hot mess mom

I love my kids, I love my husband and I truly love my life. There are aspects I would love to change. I would love to be more of a morning person, I would love to have an actual night routine where I am half way ready to run out the door in the morning; but let’s be honest. I am a little lazy and tired. Instead of getting down on myself on how I should be, I decided to embrace what I am. I felt it was more important than trying to be something I couldn’t commit too. I can commit to being a hot mess mom, I already am and it’s working for the most part.

My kids know they are loved; I cook way more than I ever thought I would, and I am sitting here writing my little heart out. What’s not to love? So while you follow me on my crazy adventures here or on Instagram, just know my Pinterest account is,  well a lot of ideas for how to find my own personal balance with being a total procrastinator but a great mom. I refuse to go insane trying to be something I am not, those of you who can do your children’s lunches every single day!? Gold star (seriously!), you get up at 5am or earlier and do a workout? Yup gold star for you and know I am sitting here cheering you on with my cold cup of coffee because I didn’t plan ahead.

We are all moms trying to keep our sh** together and raise tiny, stubborn, adorable humans. Let’s embrace the best parts of ourselves, accept the flaws and cheer each other on.

What type of mom are you? Any pointers for being a better planner without beating myself up? 😉