Inspiration Tuesday-Kindness Creates Love


This week was tough! I was searching my brain for inspiration. I was racking every thought I had hoping for a tiny light that would guide me into what I was going to write for this weeks Inspiration Tuesday¬†. I have been struggling with getting writing time for the full length posts which is why I haven’t posted this week yet. But I must continue Inspiration Tuesday! (Even though this was technically posted early Wednesday morning. ūüôā )

Inspiration seemed to sneak up on me. Just when I was about to give up, my oldest son calls me and says we received a package from the International Star Registry¬†. I wasn’t sure where this package came from so I told him I would open it when I got home from work. ¬†To say I was shocked at the contents would be an understatement. Laid out in front of me were coordinates for a star named after my son who passed away last year, a map of the star constellation his star is a part of and a heart felt note from a dear friend. The star pictured above is the special ornament with his name and coordinates engraved upon the star. He is in kindness creates love - inspiration the Pegasus formation and I couldn’t have been more emotional. A friend whom I don’t see much but have always enjoyed her company and cheerful demeanor, decided Owen needed to have a star. His very own place in heaven where I can see him whenever I need. I cried! I cried joy and I cried sadness, I miss him every day but the way he has touched people and the kindness we have been shown helps ease the ache for him. This was a special birthday present and it arrived on the perfect day. A day where I felt I didn’t have any inspiration; her special and unexpected gift reminded me that I carry inspiration in my heart. I carry a piece of my sweet boy with me everywhere and when I look into his brothers’ eyes I know there is good in this world and hope for more kindness.

So this week is dedicated to the kind souls who have been in my life. Those who have shown sincere sweetness towards my family and I.  This post is also dedicated to those who make love and kindness their mission. To those who make sure to keep the hope and faith alive in this crazy messed up world we call home. Kindness really does create love. The more love and kindness we can spread, the better this world could be for all of us.

What was a form of kindness you found to inspire you? What do you do to help create kindness and love?