Inspiration Tuesday- It’s the Memories

This week’s inspiration Tuesday is a small dedication to the memories.

Consider the big picture, it really isn’t about the paycheck or the number on the scale. It’s about how much you laughed or tickled your kids. It’s about learning a new skill or reading a killer book. It’s about putting your phone down for an hour to play 50 rounds of goldfish. This hustle bustle life doesn’t need to be wrapped up in the newest model of car, it needs to be the flour mess on the floor or the mud tracks in the house.Inspirational quote- memories

I am guilty as any getting caught up on my list of chores and moving on to the next success story of my life. But if I really take a close look at my life, I am a success. I have a great job, I am chasing my dreams, my kids make me so happy and so crazy at the same time. We do our best to make new memories every day and the older they get the more I take heart to make time for the little things.

This life is far too short to be chasing temporary physical items. Take a moment to reflect,  you will live on through your children’s memories and stories. Be sure those count the most.


Inspiration Tuesday-Put Your Future in Your Hands

It’s a new year and if your Facebook feed or Instagram is similar to mine everyone is posting their goals and dreams for 2017. I wrote a New Year’s post just a couple of days ago and there wasn’t anything about my goals. I needed to put down what it felt like to keep moving forward. New Year’s brings new beginnings and new hopes.

As a grown adult I actually haven’t written down real goals (of my own doing, plenty of times I’ve done it for work purposes) but I haven’t really thought about what I really wanted and how to really go about making that happen. When I went back to school I winged it, when I started the blog again winged it, dinner planning? Nope, winging it.. but the more I read about making goals and planning the more I realized that I would be less stressed and have a purpose again. I would have drive rather than to just live each day and get through it. Life is far too short to just wake, work, and sleep. This life has so much to offer and I am making this year one of the best. I am starting off making goals and plans. Ruth  Soukup from Living Well Spending Less wrote a great article for crushing your own goals. I am implementing all the amazing steps she lays out in her article.

I also  took a mini course from Living Well Spending Less for The Best Year Ever I took this mini course pretty seriously. I want to make 2017 one of my most productive years. I want to reach for the stars and never look back!  This  course asks you to look at your daily life  NOW , then build your goal around how you are going to make the necessary changes to achieve your dreams. It teaches the basics of planning and how it’s a major component for goal setting, large or small. Planning a big family vacation? How and when?  Maybe you want to run a marathon or create a non-profit organization.   Want to start a blog? Go for it! I host with Blue Host and love them!

Often  we hear told how reaching too high can be unrealistic or  how scary it would be to fail. But really how  can failing be much worse than the regret of not trying?  Reach for the sky but remember you are in charge of your future, only you!

*Blue Host is an affiliate link. I am not affiliated with LWSL, I love her blog and advice!


Inspiration Tuesday- Follow Your Passions

I am a couple of weeks behind. I have been feeding my passion for learning all things blogging.  I took the last couple of weeks to really reflect on  the future of the blog. I want to make sure I am following my dreams of making this place an inspirational and fun place for parents to come. This quote by Harriet Tubman spoke to me. With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to reflect on the past year and what I want to do in the future. The new year is a good time to chase your own passions and find what drives you towards the stars. We all have the power to do hard things and push forward.

Cheers to a New Year and chasing your dreams. Find your passions and making sure you stay true to you!