Inspiration Tuesday-Dreams Vs. Fear

It’s Tuesday again! I honestly don’t think I will ever tire of #inspirationtuesday. I LOVE IT! It’s the part of the week where I get to focus on a short topic and give a little taste of positive vibes to the universe. I wrote a new page yesterday regarding chasing a portion of my dream. A dream to be more comfortable in my skin. A dream where I take better care of my body while I keep feeding my mind and soul. These short blips of inspirational quotes help me re-center. They help me stay on track for my goals and aspirations. My fear was putting myself out there, this blog was a little nerve racking for me to start, but here I am plugging along and joining this amazing online community.

What are your dreams? What fears do you have that could be holding you back?

Feed those dreams! Focus on the miracles you want to have happen in your life and find the path that leads you closest to your wishes. You got this!