1. I am so feeling this post! My mom passed last October and I am still working through that fief. It was sudden and unexpected. But besides that, I have journaled since I was 8–something my mom taught me. I still cope with major life changes by writing through it. I am glad you are able to channel your loss through journaling. Thanks for reminding me of the value of writing it all out.

    • Heather Peterson

      I am so sorry for your loss! There is never the perfect thing to say but I hope you begin to find your way and that journaling helps you as it did me. When your heart breaks and keeps beating, it’s difficult to really embrace life. I hope peace finds you and know you have a friend here 🙂 Sending you loving vibes! xoxo

  2. I started journaling earlier this year after I was failing to cope with all the life changes we had made. What I enjoy most about it is seeing how my mindset has evolved over the last 9 months. In January I as in a pretty dark place and now in September I am on top of the world. When I have bad days I like to go back and remind myself how far I have come through the pages of my journal. I also agree that exercise does amazing things for the mind. Great post!

    • Heather Peterson

      Thank you! And I am happy for you to be on top of your world! I have been in that dark place, I still visit it once in awhile, but it’s always a visit and a short stay. 🙂 Cheers to finding our own light!

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